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The Supplier Portal provides suppliers with access to Order, Costing and Claim information for multiple customers at once in one single location.

  • Free registration
    • How to register,see step by step guide below
  • Single sign on from
  • One location access for multiple customers: Orders, Costing, Claims, Critical Paths, Files and Manuals
Download artwork, purchase order forms, specifications, manuals and more
Manage the costing pricing process
  • Agents have the ability to login and view summary of all their factories orders in one location
  • Multi language - English and simplified Chinese
Suppliers to maintain up to date contact details for:
  • Internal staff members
  • Company details, logo and profile
  • Monthly loading capacity


3 Clicks supplier portal staff members have access to all linked customers data and leverage many of the key applications to assist in the manufacturing process.

  • Order - information on purchase orders from your customers
  • Costings - submit cost pricing on new styles
  • Claims - manage claims submitted by the customers
  • Critical Path - activity based report on each customers orders
  • Files - centralised location for file downloads and access to customer Manuals

Web Browser Requirements

We recommend that you save the 3 Clicks web address in your favorites of your web browser for quick access.

Supplier Portal Registration

Only register your company once.

If you have multiple customers using 3 Clicks, you only need to register once. All your 3 Clicks customer orders will automatically appear in the one portal (after correct connection setup between you and your customer).

Register your company in English for your customers to find you.

Step 1.

Register company

  • Go to
  • Register your company by clicking the Sign up button, then click the green Select button for Agents and Factories


  • Fill in your Company details and Administrator details IN ENGLISH and click Register Now.

Sp.reg2.png Sp.reg3.png

Step 2.

Confirm company account

  • A confirmation email will be sent to the Administrator with a link to verify the account
  • Click the link in the email to verify your account


  • You can now log in using your login details
  • After account is verified, a welcome email is sent out to the Administrator with tips on how to get started
When the Administrator has successfully validated the 3 Clicks supplier account, he or she can add more staff to access the account.

Step 3

Add Staff Members

The Site Administrator can invite internal staff to join your company's 3 Clicks supplier portal account by:

  • Adding the staff email in the Add staff box {Site Settings > Staff]
  • Click the Invite button


  • The invited staff member will receive an email with a link to confirm
  • The staff member need to click the link in the email to activate their login details


  • Once the invitation to join the supplier portal account is activated, the new staff member can login to your company’s 3 Clicks supplier portal account.


Do not click Sign Up to register your company again.

Only register your company once.

If you didn’t receive the first email confirmation or the link was broken, please ask your site manager to re-send the invitation email.
Pending Invitation

All staff invitations that hasn't been activated are listed in the pending invitations list.

  • Staff listed here has not yet activated their logins
  • Once activated, they will be listed in the staff section an an active user

If a staff member does not receive the email invitation that the site administrator sent, the site administrator can click the refresh icon to re-send the staff invitation email


Site Administrator

Each supplier portal account can have one Site Administrator at one time

  • The Site Administrator role can be changed between the staff members
  • Only the Site Administrator have access to the Site Settings
  • Staff do not have access to Site Settings




When logged in to the supplier portal, you are presented with a summary view of all customers that you are linked to displaying links to open Orders, Costings, Claims, Critical Path and Files.

From the home view you can click into a specific customer’s data. Alternatively, if you like a summary view of all customer data, click on the tabs Orders, Costings or Claims to view a summary of all your customers items.


Loading widget

The loading widget displays supplier loading over all customers orders by order ETD month:

  • Total units for ETD for that month is displayed and if loading value is set in site settings, the value is displayed as a % as well.



From the Home page, click on the order number to open this customer's orders. Order includes:

  • Purchase Order details - order summary, documents download, conversation
  • Files - ability to download and upload files
  • Activities - activities and due dates are set by your customers
  • Comments - order specific comments form your customer


Then select the specific order to open by clicking the order preview image.

Purchase Order

The order includes:

  • Purchase Order details
  • Conversation
Two way conversation between supplier and customer. Write a message to your customer, click send.
  • Documents widget - documents are available for download when generated or created by your customer
PDF downloads available:
  • Purchase Order form
  • Specification sheet
  • Packaging Instructions
  • Tickets Code
  • QC Sample reports
  • QA Test Summary
  • Order staff widget
  • Pop up displays staff name, email, title and phone number



    Download files that your customer has uploaded

    Upload files ability

    • Click add files to add files for your customers to view



    Displays activities that your customer has set up for you to complete.

    • Tick to complete an activity in the status column.

    Activity due date is displayed on the right.



    Order specific comments from your customer.


    Cost on Styles shared by your customer.

    • Costing
    • Files
    • Comments



    • Costing details
    • Widgets
    Costing widgets:
    • Style preview image
    • Costing Document - download style specification sheet
    • Costing staff - displays account manager staff details


    • Price
    Add price:
    • Click Add, in the pop up add your price, quantity and comment (if required)
    • When you save the price, your customer will see these prices on their portal
    • Ability to add up to 5 prices per costing


    • Quote comment - additional comment relating to this costing for your customer to view



    • Download files your customer may have shared with you


    • Costing comments from your customer


    Claims shared by your customer that needs your attention.

    • Claim
    • Comments



    • Claim details
      • Claim summary
      • Style / Order details


    • Widgets
    Claim widgets:
    • Order preview image
    • Status - Pending
    • Document - Download the official Claim Sheet
    • Claim staff - displays claims officer staff details


    • Conversation
    Two way conversation with your customer



    Claim comments from your customer.

    Critical Path

    Displays a summary report on all orders in production and activities to complete by due dates. This report is set up by your customer.


    From the Home page, click selected customer’s critical path to open report.All active orders are listed in the report.

    • Click on the preview image to open to view an Order.
    • The report can be downloaded as an excel file by clicking the Download link.


    Your customers can share files and manuals with you. On the Home page, click Files.


    • The Files tab includes any files that you customer might have shared with you
    • The Manuals tab includes any manuals that you customer may share with you.



    View all notifications for Orders, Costings and Claims.

    Notifications are sent when a new item has been shared by your customer or an update has been applied to your existing orders.

    • Click on the notification to open the item.
    • New notifications are displayed in the new notification icon on the top right of the page.

    On the notification page, click on a specific notification type to narrow down the notification result list.

    • Notifications can be marked as read, marked as unread or deleted
    • Select notification by clicking the box in the right hand side of the notification

    Available notifications by applications: Order

    • New Orders from your customers
    • Purchase Order update
    • Status update


    • New Claim from your customers


    • New Costing from your customers


    The search bar is always located at top on all pages. Search on Order Number, Claim number etc


    My Profile

    Each staff member can update their contact details, password and avatar image when logged into the Supplier Portal.

    Personal Info

    Update your contact details


    Upload your profile picture


    Change your password

    Email Notification

    Select to receive email notifications.

    Email notification options:
    • New Orders - Notify me when a new order is assigned
    • New Claims - Notify me when a new claim is assigned
    • New Costings - Notify me when a new costings is assigned
    Email notifications are enabled by default


    Select language preference: English Simplified Chinese


    Click to open the 3 Clicks wiki pages for more information.


    Submit any feedback you may have directly to the creators of the 3 Clicks supplier portal.

    Site Administrator Role & Responsibilities

    The staff member that register for the supplier portal account is the Site Administrator by default. This can be changed to another staff member later on.

    Site Settings

    • Company name - ensure name is entered in English so that your customers can find you
    • Company contact details
    • Time zone - your customers will be able to see your local time
    • Profile - short company profile of what you make
    • Manufacturing Items - items manufactured, examples Knits, Woven, Denim, Infant wear etc
    • Monthly Loading - max units that can be produced per month

    Upload company logo


    Add staff

    • Invite internal supplier staff by adding email address and send an invitation email to each staff member - see image below
    • Staff member receiving the invitation email, to click the confirmation link in the email to activate their account and add their details and password
    • Once activated, the new staff member can login to the supplier portal account

    Pending Invitation

    • List all pending invitations - if staff members hasn’t activated their login details, their accounts are listed here. Once activated, they will be listed in the staff section.
    • Re-send a staff invitation email by clicking the refresh icon

    Manage staff

    • Edit staff details
    • Change password
    • Change picture
    • Ability to change the Administrator role from one staff to the other

    Site Access Code

    • Only required for existing customers to link with customers

    Delete Site

    • Ability to delete your site if no longer required
    • Note once your supplier account is deleted, it is permanently deleted

    List of all your customers that you are linked to.

    Please note that only the Site Administrator have access to the Site Settings

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